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Bath & Body

Bath Items

If you have been looking for wholesale bath products, then you have come to the right place, because here at Wholesale Cheap Supplier, we have an amazing range of wholesale bath products and accessories all at unbeatable bulk prices. 

The more you buy, the more you save at Wholesale Cheap Supplier, so there has never been a better time to stock up with a bulk purchase of bath essentials, like bath mats, toilet brushes, soap holders and other bath accessories. 

From shower curtains to shower caps, from towels to toilet paper holders; check out our full range of wholesale bath items that are available in small case quantities, but all at big bulk discounts.

Bath Mats
We have a superb selection of bath mats at amazing wholesale prices. Our range of bulk bath mats come in a range of styles and sizes, including deep and fluffy lush bath mats, printed design bath mats, and plain and simple bath mats. No one wants to step out onto a hard, cold hard floor, so bath mats are an essential bath item for most people. Wholesale Cheap Suppliers offer the best range of wholesale discounted bath mats at the best bulk prices. Order your bath mats at wholesale prices today and complete your bathroom accessories retail offering.

Bath Sets Mats/ Toilet Covers
Check out this great range of wholesale bathroom sets and toilet covers at bulk discounted prices. The best bath sets include all the bathroom essentials including bath mats and toilet covers. Our bulk bath sets and toilet covers come in a variety of styles and colors, so you are sure to find a bath set at wholesale prices that will complement your bath items range. Wholesale Cheap Suppliers are the best wholesale supplier of bathroom accessories on the market, and we sell bathroom sets and toilet covers at bulk prices so you can offer your customers a wider range of bath accessories at the very best prices.

Bathroom Accessories
Wholesale Cheap Suppliers are proud to bring you the best range of wholesale Bathroom Accessories you will find anywhere. We have toilet roll dispensers, bathroom scales, soap dispenser bottles, and much, much more, and they are all at amazingly low bulk prices. Bathroom accessories are the finishing touches that everyone wants to add their bathroom, so they are always in high demand. If you order your wholesale bathroom accessories from Wholesale Cheap Suppliers, you are assured of quality that your customers will love and prices that will guarantee you a good profit margin.

Loofahs / Scrubbers
Wholesale loofahs, scrubbers, sponges, of all shapes, sizes and colors, are what you will find in this great selection of bulk bathroom accessories. Take advantage of some of the best wholesale bulk prices on loofahs and scrubbers that you will ever see. Everyone has their own preferred bath accessories so we’ve brought you widest range of wholesale bath items that we can, including exfoliating bath massage gloves, body sponges and back scrubbers. Cater for all your customers’ bath time needs and preferences and order a selection of bulk wholesale scrubbers and loofahs today.

Shower Accessories
Whether you own a retail outlet or an online store, shower accessories are a must if you want to stock a line of bathroom accessories. The Wholesale Cheap Suppliers range of wholesale shower accessories includes shower gloves, shower caddies, and non-slip shower mats, and everything in our wholesale shower accessories range is the very best bulk discounted prices. Shower accessories are a bathroom item that is always in demand, so don’t disappoint your customers, order your selection of high quality, low price shower accessories today. Your customers will soon be coming back for more!
Shower Caps
If you have been looking to place a bulk order for shower caps at wholesale prices, then you’ve come to the right place. Wholesale Cheap Suppliers have an amazing range of shower caps in no end of different colors and styles. Shower caps are one of those items that people buy over and over again and they are a great way to introduce your customers to your full bathrobe accessories range. We have wholesale shower caps that will suit men, women and children, and shower cap towels as well. Bulk buy your wholesale shower caps from Wholesale Cheap Suppliers today and your stock of attractive shower caps at the best bulk prices will soon be on sale in your store.

Shower Curtain
Take a look through our range of wholesale shower curtains and you will soon see the sales and profit opportunity that they offer. Shower curtains are a bathroom accessory that everyone needs and that people replace often, so a good selection of cheap wholesale shower curtains won’t be sitting on your store shelves for very long.  Our bulk wholesale shower curtains and shower curtain accessories are high quality wholesale bathroom products that your customers will love. The curtains are made of durable, waterproof material and they come at different price levels to suit different types of customers. Add some discounted wholesale shower curtains to your Wholesale Cheap Suppliers order today and watch them fly off your store shelves!

 Soap Dishes/ Soap Dispensers
Make your retail line of bath items complete with this fabulous range wholesale soap dishes, soap dispensers and soap holders. All our soap dishes and soap dispensers are of the quality that you demand and your customers will love and, at these amazing bulk discount prices, you won’t regret adding Wholesale Cheap Suppliers soap dishes and dispensers to your range of bathroom products. Great bathroom products at great bulk wholesale prices. That’s what Wholesale Cheap Suppliers are all about!

Toilet Brush
There’s at least one in every household, so you know that there will be no shortage of demand for wholesale toilet brushes!  Pink ones, patterned ones and even jumbo sized ones; this range of bulk toilet brushes lets you give your customers a choice and that’s just what the modern retail customer is asking for. The bathroom accessories market is booming and good quality toilet brushes at bulk wholesale prices is just one of the bathroom items that you should be adding to your store. Don’t miss out on this profit opportunity; order a selection of wholesale discount toilet brushes today.

Toilet Paper Holders
Wholesale toilet paper holders come in all shapes and sizes at what Wholesale Cheap Suppliers and they are all great quality products at unbeatable bulk wholesale prices. Our range of bulk toilet roll holders includes the basic low cost toilet paper holders and some more upmarket styles too, so you are sure to find something to suit your target customer. We stock the best quality wholesale toilet paper holders at the best bulk prices, so check out our range of wholesale bathroom and toilet accessories and get a great bath item deal today.

Towel Rods / Hangers
No bathroom would be complete without a towel rod or a towel hanger, so don’t make your customers go elsewhere to buy theirs; stock up on wholesale towel rods and hangers at bulk discount prices from Wholesale Cheap Suppliers today. We have a full range of towel rods, paper towel holders and towel hangers, in many different styles and colors. Bathroom accessories are a must-have item these days, so the wider the range of bath items that you stock, the more customers you will attract to your store or website. Don’t delay; order your bulk wholesale towel rods and hangers today. You won’t find better quality at these wholesale discounted prices anywhere else.

Wholesale towels are here! Take a look at the Wholesale Cheap Suppliers wonderful range of wholesale bath towels. We have a huge range of towels in many different colors and styles and there is something here for everyone in the family. Some are simple one color towels and some have elegant and beautiful designs, but all of our bulk wholesale towels are high quality and excellent value for money. We also stock kitchen towels, dishcloths, and beach towels, so feel free to browse our extensive range of wholesale towels and pick up some real wholesale towel bargains today.